What A Carve Up!

The Brief: Redesign the cover for Jonathan Coe’s What A Carve Up! novel. The cover should reflect the richness of Jonathan Coe’s writing to appeal to a contemporary, discerning, literary readership. 

I decided to focus on the novel's protagonist Michael and his unhealthy obsession with the 'What A Carve Up!' film. His childhood fascination with the movie has follwed him into adulthood and now affects his daily life. We see Michael as a recluse in his apartment, constantly watching his video recording of the film. As the novel progresses we begin to realise just how much effect the film has had on Michael's life, as events begin to take place that mirror that of the film. 

I wanted my cover to represent Michael's unhealthy obsession with the film in a new and updated way. Turning the book into an old 80s video tape really emphasises the importance the film plays within the book's narrative as well as the protagonist's life.